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Automated Lighting, Curtain and Blind Control

Automated Lighting provides a flexible and infinitely variable means of controlling your Lighting. There are a limitless number of different scenes that can be created; although ultimately the system is far easier to use than a conventional

Lighting system.

The system is designed specifically for your requirements with simple switch plates featuring illuminated buttons engraved with your chosen selection of "moods"

Automated control panel

It has become crucially important that we safeguard the world's resources. New Building Regulations are enforcing energy saving measures; Dynalite automated lighting control provides a number of energy saving features & genuine eco benefits by running your Lighting at reduced levels, reducing energy consumption and extending lamp life. Approved Low energy lamps can also be used throughout the system should you wish to do so.

Architectural lighting control allows you to enjoy enhanced lighting features on the exterior of your home. If you do wish to change the mood presets at any point in the future we can even re-programme your Dynalite control system remotely saving both time and cost. This feature rich system also has a number of additional key features that can be specified;

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Home function

Conveniently switches on pre defined lighting at preset levels when you return to your property; providing comfort and security.

Away function

Increases the security of your home as occupancy is simulated whilst you are away on business or holiday.

Security system Integration

The security of your home is further enhanced by integrating the lighting control with your security alarm system. The lighting will automatically be turned on to whole house mode if your alarm system is triggered by an intruder.

Pathway function

This function allows the control of multiple circuits from one button press; for example a pathway can be lit from a Bedroom through to a Kitchen and to turn on the light at low level to a destination.

Control system Integration

The system can be fully integrated into various Control systems that we offer to allow for the remote control of Lighting throughout the House if required.

Window treatment

Window treatment can also be integrated into your Automated Lighting system providing control for Curtains and Blinds.
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