Custom Installation, UK, London, SE England

Intruder Alarms and Closed Circuit Television

We can provide a wide range of Intruder systems that include products with High quality finishes that will compliment any interior.

Alarm box

Different "grades" of system can be offered for example "bells only" system through to fully police monitored RedCARE, with multiple "dual tech" PIR sensors for ultra reliability, door contacts to all external doors, smoke/heat detection and integration with your lighting system to bring on designated circuits inside your house upon activation of an alarm.

Systems can be tailored to your exact requirements in terms of purpose and use; for example we have developed very high security solutions for clients who have large pets and do not wish to have any detectors visible within their home at all.

As well as being able to view the cameras via the internet, the images can also be viewed on any of the Control4 touch screens or TVs throughout your home.

A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) will allow cameras to be recorded 24hrs a day can be viewed remotely by computer or mobile.

Door & Gate Entry and Automated Gates

Our range of video door entry systems offers something to suit any interior and clients specifications.

All of these systems provide visual and audio variation of caller's identification.

Systems can be interfaced to open Doors and Gates.

Automated gates

Larger properties benefit from having a number of monitors throughout the property to provide the additional convenience of not having to go to a different floor to answer a call.

We can provide a number of options and finishes for your Door entry fascias including; Trade facility, Keyless access and Coded access.

Video cameras within the Door Entry fascias can be integrated into your TV, Radio and Satellite distribution system to allow the enhanced convenience of seeing who is actually calling on any TV within your property.

For further convenience, this system can also be integrated within the Control4 home automation system, meaning that when a visitor presses the CALL button, the Control4 system could mute all music around the house and play a "doorbell" sound through your speakers. It could even pause your TV/Movie and display the camera feed on any designated TVs and Keypads too.

Automated gates provide the first line of defence against intruders at the perimeter of your premises. The convenience of opening and closing your gateway by remote control is totally effortless and saves time. There is no need to get in or out of your vehicle to open and close heavy gates, a common reason as to why manual gates are often left open.

Most types of gate can be automated using a variety of underground and above ground devices. All systems combine long-term reliability with ease of use and include advanced anti-crushing, obstruction sensing and automatic locking features.