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Telephone, Internet and Data Network

Our Telephone and Data Networks provide the convenience of being able to have telephones and data devices wherever you require within your property. Future alterations are also straightforward should the use of a particular room change.

Internet and data systems

A Data switch makes all data points throughout your home network ready for your components and other networks devices such as; Computers (Desktops and Laptops) Printers and other Network attached devices such as Data storage etc

Our Telephone network provides the ideal infrastructure that can support your choice of telephone equipment; be it a simple DECT telephone system with one line through to a complete telephone system with voice mail and numerous other features.

Many people feel that they can rely on a wireless network. However with today's demanding internet traffic ie; television, movies, music and other digital media a wireless network would not be able to handle such a demanding workload.

Telephone Systems

We can supply a variety of Telephone systems but recommend the Panasonic system which represent strong value for money whilst having features that are ideal for Residential use.

A number of options and interfaces are available;

  • Door Entry
  • Interfaces
  • Paging
  • Voice mail
  • Cal routing
  • VOiP (Voice over IP systems)

Your data and telephone networks allow for the easy integration of all the Telephone systems we offer.